Modified Electric Guitars

This blog catalogues DIY and commercial innovations of the Electric Guitar with focus on electronic modifications, interface design and performer/device interactivity for both extended techniques and control. The purpose of the blog is to create a detailed archive for researchers and musicians.

The Joystick Guitar (2007) - The Joystick Guitar, designed by Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics, adopts an analogue joystick which controls the delay time of an echo circuit built into the body of the guitar. The guitar can switch between the joystick function for a more hands on approach, allowing the performer to interact with the original knobs and switches of the echo circuit, which have been integrated into the guitar interface. The joystick is ideally placed for the guitarist to interact with whilst playing in a traditional style, creating an interesting, interactive feature for guitar design.

Again, like The Volector Guitar, the joystick control element could essentially be assigned to any parameter for control, making this design extremely versatile.

Patrick Boblin of Herscheltronics, who designed the Herscheltronics Modified Guitar, helped design the control interface for guitar.

To see more instruments designed by Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics, visit

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